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About Ragdolls

Ragdoll Characteristics

bullet Ragdoll kittens are born white with their color and pattern starting to show around 10 days old.

bullet Ragdolls reach their full color and maturity between 2 and 3 years of age.

bullet Ragdoll males can weigh 15-20 pounds and females 12-15 pounds.

bullet Ragdoll fur is rabbit-like in texture, medium to long in length, non-matting with little shedding. Minimal grooming is required.

bullet Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes.

bullet Ragdolls belong indoors. Their docile, easy-going manner may attract danger from other animals as well as mean-spirited humans.

bulletRagdolls are affectionate, they love to be held and handled and they have a quiet voice.

bulletRagdolls love to be with their humans.

bulletRagdolls are intelligent, playful and inquisitive companions.

Ragdoll Colors and Patterns

·bullet Ragdolls are pointed cats, which means that they have color on their ears, faces, legs and tails with a much lighter, contrasting body color. They come in the standard colors of blue, lilac, seal and chocolate as well as the newer tortie, flame and cream.

1. Blue body color is ivory or bluish white with slate blue to silver gray points.
2. Lilac or frost body color is milky white with lilac or pinkish beige points.
3. Seal body color ranges from fawn to cream with deep seal brown points.
4. Chocolate body color is ivory or cream with points like milk chocolate.
5. A tortie is a multi-color cat. A Ragdoll can be a seal tortie having patterns of seal and orange patches on a seal body or a blue tortie with shades of gray and peach patches on an ivory body. A correctly marked tortie will have a split color face.
6. Flame point Ragdolls have a white to copper colored body with darker points.
7. Cream Ragdolls will be white or ivory and their points will be cream to light peach in color.

bullet The three basic Ragdoll patterns are bicolor, mitted and colorpoint. A fourth pattern called lynx does not affect the color or the basic pattern but adds a striped effect to the face, legs, tail and a contrasting white on the inside of the ears.

1. Bicolor Ragdolls have points on their ears, face and tail with a white inverted “V” extending from their muzzle up into the darker mask on their face. They have white on their legs, feet, ruff and belly. Bicolor’s have a pink nose and pink paw pads.
2. Mitted Ragdolls are pointed on their face, ears, legs and tail with a white chin and white mittens on their front feet and white boots on their hind legs.
3. Colorpoint Ragdolls have darker color on their ears, face, legs, feet and tail. Their body color is lighter than their point color.

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